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My history in amateur radio
Written by Chuck Hopper   

I have been an amateur radio operator off and on since 1958. In that year I received my Novice class license, and the call sign KN9PLS. When I earned my General class license in 1960 the N was dropped and my call sign became K9PLS. There is no more Novice class now, so N's in call signs don't mean Novice. Some time in the 1980's I let my license expire (because I was stupid, that's why!). Early in 2002 I really got the bug again, and in April both my son Tim and I took our license exams. Tim passed his Technician Plus class and received the call sign KC9BLJ; I passed my General class and received the call sign KC9BLK. When I looked to see whether I could get my old call sign back, I found that someone else had been assigned that call during the years I was inactive. Bummer! The closest call sign to my old one which was still available was K9PLX; I requested that sign and it was assigned to me on April 28, 2002. I don't plan on changing again. On August 28, 2003, I passed the written exam to upgrade to Extra class, something which had been a long-time goal for me.


Last Updated ( Friday, 04 September 2009 )
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